WOWEE!! (June 26-July 3)

Seven anglers filled camp this week. Warren and Don, Drake and Brett, Nils, and John and Patty. Warren and Don are both long time buddies who share the love of fishing, Drake and Brett are brothers, Nils is from Germany and would be spending not one week but two weeks here with us, and John and Patty are a couple from Denver, Colorado.

Left to right: Patty, Don, Warren, John, and Drake.  Photo by: Camille Egdorf

Left to right: Patty, Don, Warren, John, and Drake. Photo by: Camille Egdorf

The week started off with bang for the first day of fishing was off the hook. Anglers came back with stories that made everyone excited for the next few days on the water. The weather was again holding it’s ground. Day after day, temperatures rose to the mid 70’s and even reached the low 80’s. I never thought I would say this but I’m tanner now then I was in Montana.

Early morning moose encounter.  Photo by: Camille Egdorf

Early morning moose encounter. Photo by: Camille Egdorf

Streamers, woolley buggers, mice, and smolt patterns have been the bugs of choice. Deep eddies, and submerged logs are still holding large amounts of fish, rainbows, grayling, and dollies combined. More salmon are being spotted everyday, most of which are Chums, or Dog salmon. During the evenings everyone will sit on the picnic table and watch salmon push up river. For awhile there was a little competition going on who would see the first king. I never did hear what the stakes were but a king never was spotted.

Photo by: James M.

Photo by: James M.

John and Patty stayed for three days and then headed back to the real world. It was a joy to have them both in camp. It’s not very often that you come accross such nice people as them. Drake, Brett’s brother, also decided to leave camp early. Apparenty he couldn’t hack the mosquitoes and bombardment of sh*t talking the guides and his brother gave him….haha….just kidding Drake!! We all missed you and camp was surly a little quieter without you around! Hope we will see you back up here again soon!

The week was nothing but fun. There’s nothing like having a camp full of appreciative people who enjoy just being out in the boonies. There’s not very many places like this left and when it’s shared with the right people it gives you hope that it will someday be protected and threat free. Alaska is our last frontier, and we need to do whatever we can to keep it wild. The fish forcast for the next several weeks is nothing but bent rods. If your scheduled for a week this summer……be prepared and ready for some serious lip rippin!! See you on the water!


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