Go Daddy! (June 19-26)

Go Daddy (June 19-26)

Photo by: Nick Meilander

Photo by: Nick Meilander

The past week has been a great one. Again we’ve had six clients occupy the beds here at the Nushagak river camp, and all suceeded in ripping an unreasonable amount of lip. This week we had Paul and his son Eric, Ed and Neil, Mike and his son Scott.

Photo by: Camille Egdorf

Photo by: Camille Egdorf

As usual the new arrivees were shy and unsure of what they had gotten themselves into, which is understandable because the crew here has lost a considerable amount of their marbles as a result from the Alaskan state bird (the mosquito). But after the flow of a little whiskey, wine and beer everyone loosened up and the smiles flashed. It was going to be another great week.

The weather stood it’s ground for the next couple of days. The warm sunny days kept spirits up and the sunscreen an arm’s reach away. The fishing had also stayed the same. Large leeches and woolley buggers plinked off some fatties from under trees and log jams, while the mouse lured hot rainbows out from the depths of deep eddies and cut banks. Then some much needed rain came in and made sure everything was washed clean. The river came up maybe 6 inches, just enough to make things a little easier on the boat motors, but not enough to color up the river. The next few days everyone left the sunscreen in the bunk and packed in extra layers. Crawling out of the sleeping bag in the morning got to be a challenge, while the cold wind during the boat rides began to bite at the face.

Getting ready to go fishing!!  Photo by: Camille Egdorf

Getting ready to go fishing!! Photo by: Camille Egdorf

The cooler temperatures however didn’t deter the drive to catch fish. Everyone came back with pictures of nice fish and memories that would last a lifetime. Salmon are showing up more and more everyday. Moose are being spotted during the fishing day as well as right in front of camp. Bear and wolf tracks are a common sighting on gravel bars. The Nushagak River is coming to life once again.

It was a great week and a wonderful way to spend the Father’s Day weekend.



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