St. Patty’s

My St. Patrick’s day was spent out on the Trinity River with two clowns…..Greg Kennedy and Doug Simpson. The original plan was to go and fish the lower Sac, but those plans were smashed when Redding was pounded with massive amounts of rain and the river turned to straight up chocolate. So instead we decided to head to the Trin and chase some steelhead.

When we actually got into the truck it was about 9:30 am and we still had about an hour drive to go. Greg and Doug thought it would be a good idea to grab some grub and beer so we stopped at a small store. After about 15 minutes and a case of beer dropped at the checkout line by Doug, we were on the road. Now to make sure you all know why time was so important on this day, I was leaving that evening to go on a two day fishing spree with Justin on the coast.  It was made clear by Justin that I had to be back at the shop by 5pm.

My Irish charm!!!  Photo by: Camille Egdorf
My Irish charm!!! Photo by: Camille Egdorf

We wadered up and started fishing. I was quickly informed that I was not wearing any green, and was given the option to wear a green tiara. I figured why not, after all some Irish luck was always something good to have. So I threw it on and started fishing.

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shinning bright and the water was perfect. I couldn’t believe we didn’t catch any fish that day because the water was dirty. (Dirty as in great). Greg made the comment that my tiara was scaring the fish away because it was so shiny. I guess the Irish luck wasn’t on our side that day.
We ended up making it back to Redding just in time, and avoided a potentially angry Justin. That night Justin and I packed our gear,  and headed south to the Russian river.

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