Spring Break

For my spring break, I decided to head South and make a quick visit to the boys at The Fly Shop.

The last leg to Redding.   photo by: Camille Egdorf

The last leg to Redding. photo by: Camille Egdorf

I arrived into Redding around 9 pm on a Friday night and was picked up by Ryan. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty excited to be back to my old stomping grounds. When we got to the house Justin was sitting in his usual spot on the couch and I noticed that most of the foods that were on the shelf back in Nov/Dec. were still there. It was apparent that nothing had changed at all and it was if I’d never left. We spent the night catching up, and laughing at some of my crazy college experiences. I told them about my misfortue with the fire drill, and they did nothing but laugh. Ryan had already made plans for the weekend and was taking me to the North Umpqua early the next morning. I was stoked to find out that lightning (Eric) was joining us. In the first two hours of being back I could already tell this would be an awesome spring break. I was going to be fishing the North Umpqua in less than 48 hours!!!!

We left Redding just before the crack of dawn and after what seemed to be an eternity of driving we arrived to the North Umpqua. I had never seen a fish ladder before so Ryan and Eric thought it would be cool to take me to the Winchester Dam. We walk down to the river and into this little cave thing with three underwater windows.” Looks like theres a couple here,” says Ryan. Sure enough I look at one of the windows and theres three winter steelhead staring right at me! We must have stood there for 15 minutes just staring. I couldn’t help but think to myself, “If I hooked into one of those guys, I would freak out.

Thumbs up!  Photo by: Eric Fields

Thumbs up! Photo by: Eric Fields

Once we stopped gawking at the pretty fish, we geared up and started fishing. It was dumping buckets, so again everything got soaked and chills were sent down my spine. We fished through out the day and never did see any chrome. We did hear stories about fish either being hooked or caught, which kept our hopes up. That evening we met up with a friend named Rich Zellman, and started to set up camp. We all decided to nibble on munchies we had in the truck, instead of going into town for an $8 burger. Eric brought along his box of survival gear and remembered that he had some cans of soup and a little burner. Just out of curiosity I looked at the expiration dates. One was June 5th 2006, and the other was August 10th, 2007. I immediately started laughing and informed everyone else. Ryan, with a crooked smile, opened one a took a whiff. ” Smells good to me,” he says. I also took a sniff and to my surprise it smelled just fine. So we opened the other, took a whiff and poured it into the pan. Ryan also brought along a canteen of jambalya, which he also pourd into the pan. So we ended up with this mix of aged beef and potato jambalya soup.

I was really hungry.   Photo by: Eric Fields

I was really hungry. Photo by: Eric Fields

The soup turned out to be very good, and proved to be a good way to finish the day. After we finished munching we sat around drinking mountain dew and telling fish stories. Our dishes were done by Rich’s dog Bo, who was more than willing to help out.

Aged beef & potato jambalya soup....yummmmm!  Photo by: Eric Fields
Aged beef & potato jambalya soup….yummmmm! Photo by: Eric Fields

For the rest of the night we all chilled out in the back of the Land Cruiser and shared crazy college stories. Ryan and Eric insisted that tell Rich my fire drill experience. I have a feeling that I will forever be reminded of the most embarrassing of my life. 

The next day we headed back out to the river. It was still raining so we were beginning to worry about the river blowing out. We hit several spots that were dirt magert but not fish presented themselves. At around 2pm the river did eventually blow out, so we geared down and made the long trek back to Redding.

One thought on “Spring Break

  1. could you please send me an email to book a fishing trip at dave’s camp.
    We live in Telluride and saw the camp featured in Ben Knight’s film “Red Gold”
    me son who is 12 was instantly infatuated and we would like to try to get up and fish.
    We climb in the park a lot so maybe this summer we bring kids and fish. Or maybe we need to book more than a yr out??
    let me know any info would be appriciated

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