One thing that I noticed on campus, was the un-godly amounts of posters littering the walls, light posts, and doors of every building. I never realized the amount of fun, interesting, and even weird events that took place in college. There were posters advertising concerts, things for sale, outdoor events, and food. One particular day, on my way to class, I happened to scan over a billboard full of posters, and saw the word Banff. I did a double-take and looked a little closer. The Banff Mountain Film Festival was coming to town in January.

The poster I ripped off the billboard. It's now posted on my board in the dorm. Photo by: Camille Egdorf

The poster I ripped off the billboard. It's now posted on my board in the dorm. Photo by: Camille Egdorf

I ripped down the poster (not supposed to do that) and after class I contacted Travis Rummel in hopes that he would know if Red Gold would be riding on this tour. He shot me a message back saying it would and that I should do the intro/outro for it. I was rather taken aback by his suggestion at first, but quickly snapped out of it. “Comm’on Camille, this is a neat opportunity for you,” I thought to myself. So I shot a message back saying, “Hell Yeah!”
The night of the show, I met up with Charla (the road warrior for Banff), and she gave me the low down on what to say once I got up on stage.
“Just speak from your heart,” she goes.

“Alright, that seems like a pretty easy thing to do,” I thought. I was wrong.

The beginning of the show was amazing. It was my first time to the Banff Film Festival so I had no idea what to expect. The photography was far beyond anything I had seen before. The Red Helmet was a wonderful flick and if you haven’t seen it before, look it up on youtube. It’s got an amazing story.

Next was Red Gold, and it really hit my heart. It was my first time seeing it on the big screen, and just to hear the music and the gasps from people around me, nearly brought tears to my eyes. Ben and Travis, you guys did an amazing job!!!

After the movie was over, it was time for me to get up on stage. My two buddies I brought along with me wished me luck and off I went. Now I didn’t really have a clue about how many people were there, so my nerves were at a level I could deal with. However, when I got up on stage, I saw 400+ beady eyes staring right at me. My heart stopped, my mouth went dry, and my thoughts were gone. To make it even better, a bright light nearly blinded me. I dug deep, and started talking in a very shaky and nervous tone. A five minute talk ended up being two, and much of what I was going to say was left out. I felt like a deer in the head lights. Although after my talk I did recieve a very hearty applause from the crowd. It really made me feel good, and made me think of Ben and Travis when they recieved a standing ovation at the premeire of Red Gold. What a feeling that must have been.

Once I turned the show back over to Charla, I made a quick escape off the stage and under my breath cursed myself.

“GOSH Camille, you sounded like an idiot up there.”

Intermission quickly followed and then the second half of the show started up. More very good and moving flicks were showed that made me itchy to get out in the woods again.

Going to the festival was a great experience. I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone, and got up there on stage in front of so many people. It was an honor to speak on behalf of Red Gold, and meet the people who show it around the world. Thanks Charla for getting me up there on stage and also for the quick bite to eat afterwards. I still think you have a pretty sweet job!!

If the Banff Mountain Film Festival is coming to your neck of the woods! I highly recommend you check it out!





2 thoughts on “Banff

  1. Ha! You crack me up. I’ve had countless awful moments on stage in the past couple years. One time in Canada I noticed that they have a beaver on one of their coins, so I thought it might be funny to mention Travis and I’s experience eating beaver while filming Red Gold. I said: “I don’t even know if Canadians eat beaver…” You could hear a pin drop in an audience of 1,000. No laughs, not even a giggle. Apparently dirty American humor has no place up there. I should be ashamed of myself. Anyway, thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone!

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